About Us

We are an animal rescue association based in the village of Los Infiernos (Murcia, Spain). Our aim is to help improve the welfare and assist in rehoming the animals of Los Infiernos "perrera" (pound).

Every day, Los Infiernos perrera receives dogs and cats which come from several municipalities of the Murcia and Alicante provinces:

Pilar de la Horadada, San Pedro del Pinatar, Torre Pacheco, Mazarrón, Guardamar and Rojales are the town councils that have contracted the animal control services of Los Infiernos.

There is a huge amount of dogs and cats abandoned every day in Spain and unfortunately this area of Spain has one of the highest abandonment rates. Sadly, most of the animals we receive are pets that have been dumped by their owners, often just left in the street to fend for themselves. We also get many puppies from unwanted litters and discarded hunting dogs. Many of these dogs have suffered severe abuse or neglect. At our rescue we do our best to find loving homes for them and care for them until that moment comes.

To help the animals of Los Infiernos pound, the animal rescue association "Caminando con ellos" was created (charity registration number G30881924). Thanks to the work of our association, as well as the increasing awareness of some town councils, we are proud to say that Los Infiernos perrera has been able to have a no-kill policy for some years! In the case of town councils who have not yet committed to a no-kill agreement, our association takes care of these animals in order to avoid them being put down.

There are many ways in which we help the animal of Los Infiernos pound:

  • We find adoptions for them and make sure they go to good homes.
  • We provide veterinary care to sick animals.
  • We spay and neuter the animals to avoid unwanted pregancies and fights.
  • We increase the welfare of the animals with a dog-walking volunteer programme.
  • We contribute financially towards food costs and other shelter costs.
  • We organise fundraising events to make all this possible, as the subsidies the pound receives are not enough to adequately care for the amount of animals at the shelter.

We have approximately 120 dogs and 50 cats at the shelter, and the difference with other rescues is that since it is a municipal service, we can't say no to any animal brought to us by the police, we must always take them in! This puts a lot of pressure on us, as we constantly need to rehome enough animals to avoid overcrowding the shelter.

Our work is only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Please take a look at our "How to help" section where you will find information about how to donate, volunteer or become a foster home. There are many ways in which you can help!

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