Ways to donate








PayPal or bank transfer

Please send your donation by paypal to caminandoconelloslosinfiernos@gmail.com or by bank transfer.

Our bank account detais are:
Bank: Caja Rural Central
Holder: Asociación Protectora de Animales Caminando con Ellos
IBAN: ES57 3005 0042 22 2291808927, BIC: BCOEESMM00

Sponsor a dog or a cat

You can choose one of our dogs or cats and help us with its monthly costs, you choose the amount you want to contribute (minimum 10€/month). We will keep you updated on the animal's progress, send you photos and let you know once it's been adopted. Please contact us if you wish to sponsor one of our animals.


Teaming is a micro-donations platform where teamers contribute 1€ a month. If enough people join the group, it adds up and really makes a difference! Click here to join for only 1€ a month.


Buy a t-shirt or a calendar

We have t-shirts in in different colours and sizes with our logo for 10€ each plus shipping costs. Please contact us to place your order.

At the end of the year we also sell calendars for the following year with photos of our animals. For next year's calendar we are looking for sponsors who will buy a month of the calendar, for only 40€ the sponsor will get an advert on the calendar page for that month.

Send material donations

If you prefer to send material donations, here is a list of things we are always in need of. Please contact us for the delivery address. We can advise on online stores where they can be found cheaper and that can deliver to the shelter.

  • Worming pills: for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. We usually use Zypiran and Milpro, but any brand is good.
  • Anti-flea and tick products: sprays, collars or pipettes of any kind. Our favourites are Scalibor collars and Advantix pipettes as they also protect against the leishmaniosis mosquito, but any brand is a big help.
  • Bedding: blankets and towels, no problem if they are old.
  • Food: dry or wet food, we especially need high-quality food for puppies and weak dogs, as well as special diet food such as food for gastrointestinal health, renal health or other special needs. We buy the regular food from the same provider as this is the one the dogs are used to, changing to other brands upset their stomach so if you are planning on buying pet food we prefer smaller quantities of higher quality, but of course we will be very grateful for any food you can donate!
  • Puppy and kitten milk formula: as we often have very young puppies and kittens that have been abandoned without their mothers. We have had the best results with Royal Canin brand.
  • Transport kennels of any size.
  • Medication: for example Flagyl and Septrin (pediatric) to treat vomiting and diarrhea. Arko-Levura (probiotics). Zyloric and Glucantime for dogs with leishmania.
  • First aid products: bandages, disinfectants, etc.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Collars and leads.

Neuter a shelter animal

With over 150 animals at the shelter and more coming in each day, it's very hard to have them all neutered. Lack of funds means our priority must be to feed the dogs and pay vet bills for sick dogs and unfortunately neutering gets left behind. Although we are regularly neutering our shelter dogs and cats, unfortunately most are still not done. This situation makes it very hard to prevent unwanted pregnancies, as there is not much space to keep males and females separated, and it also results in more fights between the dogs.

If you wish to help us by neutering one of our animals please contact us, we will send you a list of the dogs and cats that need to be done and you can choose one. Neutering prices range from 50€ to 110€ depending on size and gender, and a bit cheaper for cats. We will let you know when they have their appointment at the vets and keep you updated on their progress. Most people prefer to help in other ways, but neutering is really one of the most essential things for the welfare of our animals.