We are always in need of volunteers, even if you can only spare a couple of hours a week, any help is always welcome! You can come whichever day and times suit you best, with no commitments. If you would like to help, don't hesitate to contact us! These are the tasks we usually need volunteers for, but if there is anything else you think you can help us with, please let us know.

Help at the shelter

If you live nearby, you can come along to the shelter and help us take care of the animals. Our shelter is located in Los Infiernos village, between San Javier and Balsicas (Murcia, Spain). Volunteers go to the shelter on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9 am, but it is also possible to come at other times. In fact we would like to have more groups of volunteers organized to come also on the rest of the days. We have approximately 120 dogs and 30 cats at the shelter.

            Our volunteers enjoying walks with the dogs on one of our busiest days!

            Our volunteers enjoying walks with the dogs on one of our busiest days!

The main activity is to walk the dogs so they can get out of their cage and have some exercise and human contact. When they have all been walked it's feeding time and making sure they all have fresh water.

You can also help by grooming them, bathing them or just playing with them and making their day a little better. If you are more of a cat person, you can go into the cat areas to play and interact with them.

Other things that you can help with are taking nice photos of the dogs to increase their chance of adoption, and weighing/measuring to keep a register of this information. We are very grateful for any help with cleaning but there are no obligations and most volunteers prefer to spend their time with other activities.

Vet/transport runs

We also need people who can help us by taking animals to the vet, as our vet is a bit far in Pilar de la Horadada. Almost every day there is an animal that needs to go and we are very short in volunteers willing to take them. Dogs also often need to be delivered to a collection point for their transport when they are travelling abroad.


We welcome any fundraising initiatives you may have and would be very thankful for it. If you would like to do a car boot sales, charity dinners or any other kind of event, we will be very happy for your help raising much needed funds. This is also a good way for more people to get to know about our rescue, at the same time as sponsors can advertise themselves while everyone has a great time!


Help by sharing our dogs and cats

Sharing our animals' photos and stories is very important, as their chance of adoption depends on the amount of people that see them. Especially for those who have been waiting for years for someone to choose them... You can share their photos on your social networking sites, groups dedicated to dog rehoming or anywhere you can think of.